What to Know About Fluffy’s Hairballs

Hairballs are a part of life for most cat owners. But how much do you know about this aspect of your cat’s health and behavior? Learn more here from a veterinarian London, ON. What Causes a Hairball? When a cat grooms herself, tiny barbs on her tongue pick up loose hair from the coat. Most of it moves through the… Read more →

Why Your Cat Kneads With Her Paws

You’ve probably seen your cat kneads before—this term describes an alternated pressing of the front paws into a soft surface, like a pillow or blanket. Why exactly do cats exhibit this behavior? Get to the bottom of things with the help of your vet Burlington, ON. Nursing Instincts Did you know that kittens knead their mother’s belly during the nursing… Read more →

Fun Games to Entertain Your Dog

Your dog, if he’s like most, loves to have fun. One of the best ways to do that is through games. Games not only work out your dog’s mind and keep him entertained, but they also provide great exercise. Allow your veterinarians Glendale, AZ to tell you about some great options. Fetch There’s nothing like a classic game of fetch… Read more →

Trimming Your Pup’s Nails

Whether your dog likes it or not, nail trims have to be a part of life. Overgrown nails can split painfully or get snagged in carpets. Luckily, trimming pup’s nails doesn’t have to be a burden! Here, your veterinarian Burlington, ON offers three simple steps. Get What You Need First things first—gather your supplies in a well-lit area where you’ll… Read more →

Why Do Dogs Stare At Their Owners?

You’ve probably seen your dog stare at you numerous times. It’s just something that our canine friends tend to do! The question is, why does your dog stare at you all the time? Learn about some of the most common reasons for staring in dogs in this article from a pet clinic Frisco, TX. Your Dog Wants Attention Your dog… Read more →

Why Does My Dog Keep Eating Grass?

Does your dog tend to chow down on the grass when he goes outdoors? It’s relatively common among our canine companions. But why do dogs do it, and is it safe? Learn more below from your vet Murrieta, CA. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass, Exactly? No one knows for sure why dogs eat grass. It’s possible that they simply like… Read more →

The Most Hazardous Places in Your Home for Pets

Every home has a few potential hazardous places for pets, no matter how conscientious the pet owner is about safety. The trick is knowing what to look out for so that you can prevent the danger! Learn more here from a veterinary New Orleans, LA professional. The Kitchen Don’t let your pet chow down on toxic foods in the kitchen,… Read more →

Don’t Believe These Three Heartworm Myths

There are many types of pests out there that can harm our animal companions. Heartworms are some of the most dangerous! Below, your vet Fort Collins, CO sets the record straight on a few prevalent heartworm myths: Heartworm is a Summertime-Only Problem Mosquitoes transmit heartworm, and it’s true that they’re most active in the summer months. But mosquitoes can continue… Read more →

Danger Zones for Pets at Home

Your home is, overall, the safest place for your pet to spend time. That doesn’t mean that your home is completely risk-free, though. There are a few areas in which pets must be looked after. Learn more below from a Columbia, MD vet. The Kitchen Toxic foods for pets include onions, garlic, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, grapes and raisins, salty,… Read more →

Your Dog and Marijuana

Vets have seen an increase in marijuana ingestion and poisoning in dogs, particularly as the drug becomes legalized across several states. Marijuana isn’t safe for our canine friends! Here, a London, ON veterinarian tells you more about the hazards of marijuana for dogs. Can Dogs Get High? Yes, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana—tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC—affects dogs just like… Read more →