Dental Care for Cats

Just like other pets, your cat needs proper dental care to stay healthy. It’s very easy to overlook this part of your cat’s care routine! Learn about some quick dental care tips here from your veterinarian Roanoke, VA. Quality Diet and Fresh Water The first step in making sure your cat’s dental health stays in top form involves feeding her… Read more →

The Basics of Pet Insurance

Did you know that your pet’s health can be insured, just like you insure your home, car, or valuables? It’s a great idea for many pet owners—learn about the basics below from a vet Livonia, MI. What’s the Benefit? The benefit of pet insurance is the same as other types of insurance: if an unexpected accident or medical issue occurs,… Read more →

Brushing Fido’s Teeth

Did you know that dental trouble is very common amongst our canine companions? Brushing your dog’s teeth at home is one of the absolute best ways to keep Fido’s teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Here, your veterinarians Aurora, CO gives you a crash course. Gather Supplies First, you’ll need to get your supplies together in one place. You’ll need… Read more →

Dental Care Tips for Your Dog

How are your dog’s pearly whites looking recently? Dental care is very important for our canine companions, as oral health issues are some of the most common problems veterinarians see in dogs. Use these tips from a vet Fox Chapel, PA to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in peak condition: Brushing at Home Brush your dog’s teeth at home… Read more →

Hot Weather Hazards for Dogs and Cats

When the temperatures rise, a few pet hazards crop up that are important to keep in mind. Your pet will stay happy and healthy throughout the summer months thanks to you! Here, your veterinarian Chattanooga, TN tells you more. Heatstroke and Dehydration The heat and humidity of summer present dangers like heatstroke and dehydration to pets who remain outdoors for… Read more →

The Most Common Pet-Owner Mistakes

Let’s face it—no one’s perfect. Pet owners are no exception! To learn about the most common mistakes that pet owners make, and how to go about fixing them, read on as your veterinarian Frisco, TX tells you more. Overfeeding Overfeeding is the leading cause of obesity amongst domesticated animals today. Instead of free-feeding your pet (leaving food out for your… Read more →

Xylitol and Your Pet

Have you ever heard of xylitol? It’s an artificial sugar commonly found in candies, gum, toothpaste, and other products. Unfortunately, it’s highly toxic for pets! Learn more below from a vet in London, ON. Symptoms The symptoms of xylitol poisoning can appear in as little as 30 minutes after a pet ingests it, and they include restlessness, drooling, lethargy, vomiting,… Read more →

Care Tips for Your Cat’s Coat

Your cat is a very good self-groomer. With that being said, you can do several things to help your feline friend out! Here are a few quick tips from your vet Tampa, FL. Diet One of the easiest ways to keep your feline friend’s coat in top shape is by feeding her a high-quality diet. When your cat receives the… Read more →

Helping Your Pet Fend Off Mosquitos

Mosquitos aren’t just a nescience for you and your family members—they also present a real danger to our pets! Mosquitos can transmit dangerous diseases like heartworm and West Nile Virus, so it’s important to keep your pet protected. Learn more here from a Lafayette, LA veterinarian: Preventatives By keeping your pet a high-quality flea and tick preventative, as well as… Read more →

Three Care Tips for Your Small Dog

Are you about to bring a small dog into your household? Our diminutive canine friends have special care needs that you should be aware of! Learn more below from a vet in Savannah, GA. Proper Diet The nutritional needs of your small dog are quite different than those of a large dog! Make sure that your pooch is eating a… Read more →