Why Your Cat Has Stopped Using the Litter Box

Nearly one out of every 10 domesticated cats experiences a litter box aversion of some sort. Is your cat giving the cold shoulder to her bathroom? Here, your Lakeville, MN veterinarian tells you about the most likely reasons why: Cleanliness Cats do not like using a dirty bathroom—who would? If you don’t scoop out Fluffy’s box often enough, she might… Read more →

Budgeting for Your New Reptile Pet

Are you considering adopting a reptile pet in the near future? It’s important to budget ahead of time, whether your pet has scales, fur, or feathers! Here, your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian tells you what to expect when adding a reptilian companion to your home. Diet Remember: a reptile’s diet may be quite different than the dog or cat food… Read more →

The Danger of Chocolate for Pets

Chocolate and pets don’t mix. In fact, it’s one of the most common and dangerous pet poisons out there! Below, your vet in Aurora, CO tells you about the symptoms of and treatment for chocolate poisoning, and also lets you know how to prevent the problem in the first place. Symptoms The symptoms of chocolate poisoning include drooling, lethargy, vomiting,… Read more →

Placing Your Cat’s Litterbox Properly

Are you about to bring a feline friend into your household? The placement of your cat’s litterbox is very important! Use these tips from a Katy, TX vet to make the matter as stress-free as possible. Far Away from Food and Water Cats don’t like to eat near their bathroom; who can blame them? Cats have been known to shun… Read more →

Three Key Benefits of Microchips

Have you heard of microchips for pets? They’re one of the easiest and most effective ways to make sure your animal companion is properly identified for a lifetime. Learn more here from your Coon Rapids, MN veterinary professional. Security A collar containing ID tags may be chewed through, ripped off, or torn away, ultimately leaving your pet unidentified. A microchip,… Read more →

Cat Myths Set Straight

When it comes to our feline friends, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear! Cats can be quite mysterious, and that’s probably why there are plenty of cat-related myths floating around. Your Ellicott City, MD vet clears up any confusion below: Cats Always Land on Their Feet This isn’t true! Cats, though poised and graceful, can fall just like any other… Read more →

Stop Your Dog’s Counter-Surfing Habit

Does your dog love to raid the counters for any tasty morsels he can find? Not only is this behavior undesirable, it’s dangerous—Fido might encounter something poisonous! Use these tips from a Greenville, SC veterinarian to stop this behavior. Prevention First things first: don’t give your dog anything to find when he does raid the counters, or he’ll have every… Read more →

Why Groom Your Dog?

Have you ever considered why grooming your dog is so important? For one, it helps your pooch look their absolute best. Grooming is also about much more, though! Learn about the importance of grooming your dog from a vet in Lafayette, LA: Skin and Fur Health Brushing and bathing your dog keeps the skin and fur healthy and grime-free. Brushing,… Read more →

Controlling Your Dog’s Shedding

Most of our canine companions shed—it’s a natural part of life for dogs. However, sometimes a dog’s shedding can get out of hand. If you think Fido is shedding too much, use these tips from a Portland, OR veterinarian to combat the problem: Grooming Brush your dog on a regular basis; this will trap loose fur in the brush itself,… Read more →

Hot-Weather Health Tips for Pets

Our pets aren’t well-equipped to deal with extremely hot weather. That’s why it’s important to keep your pet’s health in mind when the temperatures soar! Below, your Frisco, TX veterinarian gives you three easy tips. Hydration Always provide your animal companion with a large bowl of fresh, cool water to drink from, whether they spend time indoors or out. It’s… Read more →