How to Explain Your Cat’s Aversion to the Litter Box

Is your cat avoiding her litter box and instead eliminating on your floor? You’ll want to find out what’s causing this behaviour so that you can put a stop to it promptly. Here, your vet London, ON tells you about three common reasons cats develop litter-box aversions: Placement Your cat can be picky about where her box is located. That’s… Read more →

Antibiotics for Pets

You’ve probably taken antibiotics at one point or another. Did you know that they’re also very common and helpful for pets? Learn more about antibiotics and pets in this article from your Savannah, GA veterinarian. Why Are Antibiotics Prescribed to Pets? Antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infections, as they kill bacteria in or on your pet’s body. Different types… Read more →

The Benefits of Microchip Identification for Pets

Is your pet identified with a microchip? ID tags on the collar work well, but it’s recommended that you use a microchip as well. Below, learn about three benefits of microchip identification for pets from a veterinarian Roanoke, VA. It’s Secure Your pet can’t remove their microchip, either by accident or purposefully. That means that they remain identified at all… Read more →

Understanding Fluffy’s Body Language

One of the best ways to tell what your cat is thinking or feeling is by studying their body language. All cats are unique, but there are some traits they tend to share. Learn more here from a Rochester, NY vet: The Tail A tail held gently in the “default” position means that your cat is feeling relaxed and self-assured.… Read more →

Puppy Vaccine Basics

Are you new to puppy ownership? Bringing home a little ball of fur in the near future? Vaccination is one of the first steps toward a lifetime of great health. Learn more about the basics of puppy vaccination as your veterinarian Westminster, MD elaborates: Core Vaccines All puppies need what are called the core vaccines, so named because of the… Read more →

Heartworm in Your Dog

You’ve probably heard of heartworm—it’s one of the most dangerous health problems out there that can affect our canine companions. It’s essential that you prevent your dog from contracting these worms! Learn more here as a vet London, ON tells you all about heartworm infestation. Why Prevention is Important Treating a heartworm infestation after the fact is risky; it comes… Read more →

Probiotics and Pets

Probiotics are relatively common in the human healthcare world. Did you know that they’re also available for pets? Learn more about probiotics and pets in this article from a Glendale, AZ veterinarian. What Exactly Are Probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial microbes that live in your pet’s small or large intestinal tract. They keep the “bad” microbes at bay, and help to… Read more →

Your Pet and Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a substance added to vehicle engines to keep them functioning in cold weather. Unfortunately, antifreeze is highly toxic to pets! Your Frisco, TX veterinarian fills you in below: The Toxin Antifreeze is often made with an alcoholic substance called ethylene glycol, and it’s this substance that is the root of the problem. It can even poison humans! To… Read more →

Pest Control for Your Dog

Few things can sideline your dog’s health and happiness faster than a pest infestation! It’s very important that your canine companion remains protected all year round so that they don’t suffer from parasites. Learn more here from a Lafayette, LA vet. Fleas Fleas can make your pet itch and scratch incessantly, and they can even cause life-threatening anemia if the… Read more →

Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Are you planning on letting your dog go for a swim this year? Many of our canine companions love the water! Just make sure they stay safe. Here are a few water safety tips from a veterinarian Marietta, GA. Swimming Support It’s always a good idea to go into the water with your dog to provide support. This is especially… Read more →