The Most Dangerous Places at Home for Cats

Your cat is safest at home with you and your family, but it’s important to remember that every home has its hazard spots. The trick is being aware of them so that you can keep your cat healthy. Learn more below from a vet Rochester, NY. The Kitchen All kitchens contain certain foods that are toxic to cats, including grapes,… Read more →

What Your Cat’s Tail Movements Mean

Your cat says a lot with her tail—aside from vocalizations, it’s her main form of communication! Have you ever wondered what Fluffy’s tail positioning might mean? Learn more here from a vet clinic Indianapolis, IN. The Standard Position Most of the time, you’ll see your cat’s tail held in a gentle, relaxed position with a slight curve. Rest assured that… Read more →

Can Owning a Pet Improve Your Health?

Pets are loyal, loving companions for life—did you know that they may also help to improve your personal health? Your vet clinic Livonia, MI elaborates below. Less Stress Pet owners often tend to be less stressed than those who don’t own pets. There’s something to be said for having a trusted companion to confide in, even when they can’t exactly… Read more →

Caring for Your Pet During a Heatwave

Our pets aren’t often well-equipped to handle hot weather, and for good reason: they’re wearing a fur coat! The next time a heatwave strikes, it’s essential that you keep your pet’s safety in mind. Learn what to do below from a vet Lakeville, MN: Hydration Rule number one for hot-weather pet safety: keep Fido or Fluffy well-hydrated at all times.… Read more →

Dental Care Tips for Your Pocket Pet

Do you own a pocket pet like a guinea pig, gerbil, mouse, hamster, or rat? Don’t forget to look after their dental health! Below, your veterinarians Marietta, GA gives you a few easy tips. Mouth Check-Ups Try to get a look inside your pet’s mouth every once in a while to examine the teeth (This may be easiest when your… Read more →

Your Pet and Chocolate

You’re probably aware that chocolate is one of the most dangerous—and most common—pet poisons out there. Below, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian tells you more about chocolate poisoning and how to help your pet avoid the danger. Why is Chocolate Dangerous? Chocolate of all types—milk, dark, semi-sweet, baking chocolate, white chocolate, etc.—contains theobromine and caffeine, two chemicals that don’t agree… Read more →

How to Exercise Your Pet Indoors

Sometimes, because of weather or scheduling circumstances, it’s much easier to exercise your pet inside rather than out. Wondering about some great ways to exercise your pet indoors? Read on as your vet Savannah, GA tells you more. Use the Stairs Does your home have a staircase? This is a great way to give your pet good exercise and work… Read more →

The Many Benefits of Adopting Older Pets

If you’re considering adopting a new pet soon but aren’t interested in a puppy or kitten, try out your other option: an older pet! Our elderly pets make great additions—learn why below from your Indianapolis, IN veterinary professional. Calm and Collected Not looking forward to keeping up with a high-energy kitten or puppy all day long? With an older pet,… Read more →

Consider Adopting an Older Pet

If you’re about to adopt a pet, consider this: puppies and kittens aren’t your only options. An older animal may be just the choice for you! Learn about the benefits of older pets you’re your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD: Energy If you aren’t looking to keep up with a rambunctious, energy-filled pet for 24 hours a day, go with an… Read more →

How to Help Your Cat or Dog Lose Weight

Do you think your dog or cat could stand to shed a few pounds? Many of our pets are overweight—nearly half, in fact! Here, your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian tells you what to do if your pet is ready to slim down. See the Vet Pay a visit to your vet’s office before taking any action. Your veterinarian can confirm… Read more →