Everything You Should Know About Catnip

You’ve heard of catnip before — it’s your feline friend’s favorite vice! How much do you know about this fascinating plant? Your veterinarian Orangevale, CA is here to fill you in on catnip. What Exactly is Catnip? Catnip is an herb, just like mint, basil, and other common herbs you might grow in a spice garden. In the wild, the… Read more →

Are These Pet Toxins in Your Home Right Now?

We know you’re vigilant about your pet’s safety and do everything you can to keep your animal companion from harm. But even the best pet owners have a few potential toxins in their homes. Below, your veterinarian White Rock, TX tells you what to stay on the lookout for. Toxic Human Foods There are all sorts of human foods that… Read more →

3 Signs of Sickness in Birds

Are you the proud owner of a pet bird? Our feathered friends aren’t quite as adept at letting us know when they’re sick as some other pets are. It’s up to you to keep an eye out for signs of sickness! Your pet clinic Farmers Branch, TX tells you more below. Cere Problems Your bird’s cere is essentially their nose—it’s… Read more →

Understanding Microchips for Dogs and Cats

If you’re a new pet owner, you might not have heard of microchips for pets. They’re the best way to keep your animal friend properly identified throughout life! Below, your animal clinic La Mesa, CA goes over the basics of microchips. What Are Microchips, Anyway? A microchip is a very small computer chip that contains a number, implanted electronically, that… Read more →

Maintain Fido’s Dental Health With These Quick Tips

Many veterinarians will tell you that dental problems are all too common in dogs. Unfortunately, our canine companions’ oral health is often overlooked! Don’t let your dog fall victim to dental issues—use these tips from an animal hospital Roanoke, VA to maintain Fido’s teeth and gums.   Brushing Brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis using a canine-formulated toothpaste… Read more →

Is it Okay That My Dog Eats Grass?

It’s not uncommon for our canine friends to munch on a bit of grass here and there when they’re spending time outdoors. But is this behavior safe, or normal? Read on as your veterinary Ellicott City, MD professional explores grass-eating in dogs. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? No one knows for sure why dogs eat grass, but there are several… Read more →

Why is Water So Important for Your Cat?

Everyone knows that water is one of the foundational elements of life. It’s very important for your feline friend’s health and wellness! Have you ever wondered why water is so important? Learn more here from a vet in Rochester, NY. Hydration First and foremost, water keeps your cat hydrated. The lack of water in the body is called dehydration, and… Read more →

Fundamentals of Catnip

You’ve probably heard of catnip before, and you may have even given a bit of it to your feline friend. Have you ever wondered more about this fascinating plant? Your veterinarian Louisville, CO is here to tell you all about the fundamentals of catnip. What is Catnip, Exactly? Catnip is an herb, related to other common herbs like mint and… Read more →

Eco-Friendly Pet Care Practices

In today’s world, we’re often looking for ways to live a little more sustainably and make the earth a better place to live. You can do that when it comes to pet care! Use these tips from an animal hospital London, ON to practice eco-friendly pet care. Try Sustainable Products Try purchasing sustainable pet products like biodegradable dog poop bags,… Read more →

Why is My Dog Not Eating?

We all know that our canine companions love to eat. So when Fido seemingly shuns his food and stops eating, you know something is amiss. There are several common reasons why dogs stop eating—learn more here from a vet Aurora, CO. Pickiness Let’s face it: our dogs can be ornery. Sometimes, dogs are just picky eaters! This is especially true… Read more →