Monthly Archives: July 2015

Caring for Your Kitten’s Eyes

Just as with humans, our feline companions need healthy eyes to navigate their environment. Eye health should be part of the routine care of your new kitten. This ensures that precious little ball of fluff enjoys good sight and any potential problems are identified and addressed early. Below, an experienced veterinarian Simpsonville, SC shares some helpful tips. Regular Visual Check… Read more →

Dry Skin and Your Pet

Dry skin can affect animal companions just as it can affect humans. As a result, your fluffy family member may be feeling itchy and uncomfortable. If Fido’s been scratching more than usual lately or you notice signs of dry, flaky skin, here are a few tips from an established animal hospital Geist, IN to help provide some much-needed relief. Groom… Read more →

Dietary Supplements for Pets

There are all sorts of dietary supplements available for humans, but are you aware that there are many out there for pets as well? Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian tells you more. What Supplements are Out There? There are probably just about as many dietary supplements for pets as there are for humans. You’ll be able to find everything from… Read more →