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Combating Your Cat’s Hairballs

For cats, hairballs are a normal part of life—they ingest hair while grooming themselves, then regurgitate the hair that isn’t passed through the digestive tract. Sometimes, however, hairball production can become excessive. Learn how to combat this by following these tips from a Newmarket, ON vet: Diet Is your cat eating a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet? This is a great… Read more →

Stop Your Dog’s Table Begging

Does your dog beg at the table while you’re eating? Such behavior is both unbecoming and quite annoying! Use your Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian’s tips to put a stop to this behavior as quickly as possible. Relocate Your Dog It may be easiest to simply relocate your dog in order to keep him away from the dinner table. Try putting your… Read more →

Helping Your Cat to Lose Weight

Many of our household pets are overweight these days—some studies estimate that nearly half of domesticated cats are obese. If your cat falls into that category, use your Arlington, TX vet’s tips to slim your feline friend down. Diet Of course, diet is a big part of losing weight. Talk to your veterinary professional about putting your cat on a… Read more →