Monthly Archives: January 2017

Why Groom Your Dog?

Have you ever considered why grooming your dog is so important? For one, it helps your pooch look their absolute best. Grooming is also about much more, though! Learn about the importance of grooming your dog from a vet in Lafayette, LA: Skin and Fur Health Brushing and bathing your dog keeps the skin and fur healthy and grime-free. Brushing,… Read more →

Controlling Your Dog’s Shedding

Most of our canine companions shed—it’s a natural part of life for dogs. However, sometimes a dog’s shedding can get out of hand. If you think Fido is shedding too much, use these tips from a Portland, OR veterinarian to combat the problem: Grooming Brush your dog on a regular basis; this will trap loose fur in the brush itself,… Read more →

Hot-Weather Health Tips for Pets

Our pets aren’t well-equipped to deal with extremely hot weather. That’s why it’s important to keep your pet’s health in mind when the temperatures soar! Below, your Frisco, TX veterinarian gives you three easy tips. Hydration Always provide your animal companion with a large bowl of fresh, cool water to drink from, whether they spend time indoors or out. It’s… Read more →