3 Simple Ways to Boost Fido’s Immune System

Your fido’s immune system is his first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathogens, toxins, and harmful free radicals. Clearly, keeping it functioning properly is of the utmost importance! Do that with these quick tips from a vet Frisco, TX.

Provide a Great Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is the best way to make sure your fido’s immune system stays in good shape. That’s because your dog receives all of the essential nutrients they need through their food. And the gut contains the microbiome, full of healthy bacteria that remains functional thanks to the nutrients received from food.

Offer Plenty of Fresh Water

Good hydration lets nutrients are digested and absorbed, and it promotes healthy blood flow, regulates body temperature, and flushes away harmful toxins. All in all, it’s of paramount importance when it comes to your dog’s overall immune function! Make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink at all times.

Ask Your Vet About Supplements

Some dogs benefit from nutritional supplements added to the diet. Ask your vet before giving your dog a supplement to make sure it’s healthy.

Want to learn more about your dog’s health and wellness needs? Call your veterinarians Frisco, TX.

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