All About the Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx cat is certainly unique—its hairless body, wide eyes, and large ears make it one of the more memorable cat breeds! Below, your veterinarian Aurora, CO tells you more about this fascinating cat.


Records of hairless cats date back as far as the early 1900s. The Sphynx cat that we know of today can be dated to 1966, when a pair of domestic shorthair cats in Toronto, Canada produced a hairless litter thanks to a genetic mutation. Thus, the Sphynx was born and started to spread. Now, the Sphynx is widespread with a stable, large gene pool!


Sphynxes tend to have a hearty appetite and a high metabolism, resulting in a high-energy cat that loves climbing, jumping, and running. Sphynxes are intelligent, inquisitive, and friendly cats who love attention. They’re great for almost every family!

Care Needs

A Sphynx cat’s dietary and care needs are similar to other cats. The main feature that sets them apart, of course, is their hairless nature—Sphynxes will require regular bathing to remove body oil that isn’t absorbed by fur. Sn protection is also important when Sphynxes venture outdoors.

To learn more about Sphynx cats, call your vet Aurora, CO.

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