Antibiotics for Pets

You’ve probably taken antibiotics at one point or another. Did you know that they’re also very common and helpful for pets? Learn more about antibiotics and pets in this article from your Savannah, GA veterinarian.

Why Are Antibiotics Prescribed to Pets?

Antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infections, as they kill bacteria in or on your pet’s body. Different types of antibiotics work in different ways—some weaken bacteria, some interfere with bacteria cells’ ability to repair themselves, and some stop bacteria from being able to multiply.

How Are Antibiotics Given to Pets?

Some antibiotics come in pill or tablet form, and they’ll be prescribed to treat internal infections. (Some need to be given with food to improve the rate of absorption, while others must be given on an empty stomach to prevent binding.) Most external bacterial infections are treated with topical antibiotics, which usually come in a cream or ointment form.

Are Side Effects Possible?

Most of the time, antibiotics are perfectly safe. There is a small chance of side effects, including vomiting and diarrhea, for some pets. Call your vet if your pet isn’t responding well to an antibiotic.

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