Are You Ready to Own a Pocket Pet?

Are you thinking of adding a pocket pet to your ranks soon? Guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, rats, and mice can make wonderful pets for the right family, but make sure you know what it entails. Below, your Livonia, MI vet tells you more.


Keep in mind that pocket pets have specific handling requirements—they cannot necessarily be picked up and played with like other pets. Many pocket pets are skittish and will require prolonged handling to get used to human contact. Be sure to factor this in when considering a pocket pet, especially if you have young children.


Pocket pets usually require a commercial pellet food, and the diet is often supplemented with fruits and veggies, crickets, mealworms, and other items. You’ll also need a cage, bedding material that is replaced regularly, and toys. Include all of these items in your calculations when budgeting for your new pet.


Some people think of pocket pets as constituting a short commitment. While pocket pets may not live as long as a cat or dog, some may manage to stick around for nearly 10 years!

Have more questions about pocket pet ownership? Contact your vets in Livonia, MI today.

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