Beach Safety for Pets

It can be a lot of fun to bring your dog or cat along on the family beach day. Use your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian’s tips to make sure your furry companion stays safe.

Keep Pets Hydrated

There might be an ocean of water in front of you, but it isn’t safe for your pet to drink from. Be sure to pack a thermos of cool, fresh water just for your pet. Offer them sips every 10 minutes to prevent dangerous dehydration.

Water Safety

If your pet is venturing into the water, go with them to lend a supportive hand. Even dogs who are strong swimmers can be taken off guard by ocean currents and tides. Never go too far out; it’s best to remain in the shallows for your dog’s safety.

Sun Protection

Bring a beach umbrella to give your pet a shady spot to cool off under. You may also consider applying a pet-specific sunscreen to your animal friend’s exposed skin; these are available at pet supply shops, vets’ offices, and retail stores.

Don’t forget to rinse out your pet’s coat when you’re done at the beach. Ask your vet clinic Jacksonville, FL about more great beach tips for pets.

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