Brush Your Dog’s Teeth for Great Dental Health

How are your dog’s pearly whites looking lately? Dental problems are common among dogs, so it’s up to you to make sure Fido’s teeth and gums stay healthy. Brush your dog’s teeth with these simple steps from a Roanoke, VA vet.


Gather Your Supplies

Get everything you’ll need in one place: a toothbrush for pets, a canine-formulated toothpaste, and a few tasty dog treats. Then, sit down with Fido in a well-lit area to begin.


Start Brushing

Massage your dog’s gums with a finger to get him used to the brushing sensation. Then, slowly introduce the paste and brush. Over time, you’ll be able to brush an entire section of your dog’s mouth, removing plaque before it’s able to harden into dangerous tartar.


Repeat and Reward

Repeat the process around all areas of your dog’s mouth. Finish with a final downward stroke to remove plaque. Then, give your dog a tasty treat to show him that accepting brushing warrants a reward!

Do you need a recommendation on toothpaste for your dog? Does your dog’s mouth need professional help? It’s time to set up an appointment with your pet clinic Roanoke, VA. Call us today to schedule an office visit!

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