Building an Emergency Kit for Fido

Emergency situations are scary no matter what the scenario. This is equally true when it comes to your fido. One of the best things to do is be prepared! Learn more about building your dog’s emergency kit below from your Westminster, MD veterinarian.

First-Aid Supplies

Most of your kit will be made up of first-aid supplies. This includes things like gauze, bandages, a pet-safe disinfectant solution, tweezers, scissors, a pet thermometer, a styptic powder or pen, tongue depressors, a few soft towels, and several pairs of latex gloves for your hands.

Medical Records

It’s a good idea to pack medical records in a waterproof bag and include them in your kit. This includes things like proof of vaccinations, proof of ownership, and documentation of any recent medical work your dog has had done. Such documents can be lifesaving in an emergency event!

Pet Meds

Does your pet take any medications to manage a condition? It’s a smart idea to pack a supply of them in your dog’s emergency kit. That way, you always know where the medication is and you have it on-the-go if you need it.

Talk to your vet Westminster, MD for more information. We’re here for you!

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