Can My Dog Benefit from Olive Oil?

You probably have olive oil in your kitchen right now. You might be surprised to learn that it can actually prove beneficial for your canine companion! Learn more below from a vet in Aurora, CO.

Weight Benefits

Olive oil contains a lot of monounsaturated fats, which break down fat cells in your dog’s system. This can actually help your dog to prevent adding a lot of excess weight. Talk to your vet before trying olive oil as a weight-loss aid, though.

Skin and Fur Health

Olive oil also contains a lot of antioxidants and fatty acids, which is very beneficial for your dog’s skin and fur. If your dog has dry, flaky skin or a dull, coarse coat, try adding a little olive oil to their meals. Always use extra virgin olive oil since it contains lower acidity levels, and don’t give your dog much.

Immune Boost

The antioxidants found in olive oil—vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenoids, chlorophyll—are great for Fido’s immune system. They protect the cell membranes from free radicals, avoiding tissue damage and disease.

Would you like more advice on adding a bit of olive oil to your dog’s diet? Call your animal hospital Aurora, CO today.

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