Can Your Pet Benefit from Probiotics?

You may have heard of probiotics, or even taken one yourself. Did you know that there are probiotics for pets as well? Learn more about how probiotics can benefit pets in this article from a Sugar Land, TX vet.

What Are Probiotics, Anyway?

A probiotic is a beneficial microbe in your pet’s small or large intestine. They help to keep the “bad” microbes under wraps by helping to manufacture nutrients, digest food, and destroy pathogens. A probiotic for pets might come in the form of a tablet or capsule, or it may be included in a yogurt, kefir, or pet food.

What Do Probiotics Do for Pets?

Probiotics are most often administered to help regulate digestive health, so they’re prescribed for issues that require a restored microbial balance in the intestine. Probiotics can also help to manage or correct infections and infestations, and even to minimize stress.

Does My Pet Need One?

Check with your veterinarian before giving a probiotic to your pet. This will ensure that your pet stays safe and will actually benefit from the medicine you’re giving him!

Are you ready to make your pet’s next office appointment? Contact your Sugar Land, TX veterinary clinic for help.

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