Car Travel Tips for Your Dog

Are you going on a trip soon? It’s definitely a lot of fun to include your canine companion! Use these tips from a Wake Forest, NC veterinarian to keep Fido safe and sound for the duration of your trip.

Use the Carrier

All things considered, it’s far safer for your dog to stay in his carrier during the car ride. This way, he can’t roam around freely and cause trouble. In the unfortunate event of an accident, he’s secured safely. For a recommendation on a proper carrier for your pooch, call your vet’s office.

Preventing Carsickness

Some of our canine companions suffer from carsickness. To combat this, try cracking a window or playing music at a low volume. Don’t feed Fido for several hours before riding in the car, and be sure to take frequent pit stops so that he can get out of the car and relax.

Check Your Destination

If you’ll be staying at a hotel, be sure to check the facility’s pet policy. Not all destinations are pet-friendly, and you don’t want to arrive just to find out that Fido isn’t welcome!

For more tips on traveling with your dog, call your vet clinic Wake Forest, NC.

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