Care Tips for Your Dog’s Eyes

Have you examined your dog’s eyes lately? It’s important to stay on top of eye care so that your dog remains happy and healthy. Learn more below from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian.

At-Home Eye Exams

Sit down with your dog every now and again to examine the eyes. Your pooch’s eyes themselves should be clear and bright, with some white visible around the eyeball. The lining of the eyelids should be a healthy pink color, not stark white or red. Let your vet know if you find anything you think is abnormal.

Hair Trim

Many dogs, especially those with longer hair, can be irritated by hair strands contacting the eyeball. Very carefully, use a small pair of scissors to trim these longer hairs, or ask your veterinarian to take care of it for you.

Watch for Behavioral Signs

Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior—if you notice him pawing or scratching at the eyes, or if your pooch’s vision seems to be deteriorating, it’s time to make an appointment at the vet’s office.

Would you like more tips for canine eye care? We’re here for you. For more detail visit at veterinarians North Phoenix, AZ clinic to speak with the professionals.

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