Caring for Your Kitten’s Eyes

Just as with humans, our feline companions need healthy eyes to navigate their environment. Eye health should be part of the routine care of your new kitten. This ensures that precious little ball of fluff enjoys good sight and any potential problems are identified and addressed early. Below, an experienced veterinarian Simpsonville, SC shares some helpful tips.

Regular Visual Check – Examine your kitten’s eyes on a regular basis to ensure that they appear bright, clean and free from any visible scratches or debris.

Gentle, Preventative Cleansing – You can prevent eye issues by helping your kitten keep his or her eyes clean at home. Simply dampen a soft washcloth with warm water and gently wipe the area.

Routine Grooming – If your kitten is long-haired, you may need to invest in regular professional grooming to keep excess fur away from the eye area.

Watch for Tear Staining and/or Discharge – If you notice your kitten’s eyes producing excess discharge, which can often be noticeable through staining just below the eyes, or any other concerns like scratches or debris, contact your veterinarian Simpsonville, SC. He or she can evaluate your little one’s eyesight and take the appropriate steps early to prevent further issues.

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