Cat Hacking Up Hairballs? Here’s What to Do

For cats, hairballs are simply a part of life. Since they groom themselves using the tongue, some hair is going to be ingested and then excreted through regurgitation. If you think your cat’s hairball production is out of control, though, it’s time to act. Learn more here from a Lansing, MI veterinarian.


Groom Your Pet

By brushing your cat daily, you’re trapping a lot of her loose fur in the brush itself, preventing her from swallowing as much. This will do quite a lot to cut down on hairball production! Ask your vet to recommend a good quality cat brush.


Digestive Aids

There are several commercially available digestive aids—petroleum-based products in most cases—made for cats, designed to help hair flow through the digestive tract more smoothly and thus become excreted through the feces. Talk to your vet if you would like to try this option.


See Your Vet

If you can’t seem to get your cat’s hairballs under control, or if your cat is vomiting frequently, it’s time to pay a visit to the vet’s office. Make an appointment with your Vet Lansing, MI today. We’re here to help with all of your feline friend’s care needs.

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