Cat Paw Care

Your cat’s paws are very important to her. After all, they let her walk, scratch, groom, and much more! Use these tips from your Myrtle Beach veterinarian to keep your cat’s paws in tip-top shape.

Paw Checks

On a regular basis, give your cat’s paws a quick once-over. Check between the toes, as it’s very easy for small objects (burrs, pebbles, bits of plastic or metal, etc.) to get stuck there. Such items could also embed themselves in the paw pads. If you can’t remove an object easily, call your vet’s office for advice.

Paw Pad Care

Just like our hands, cats’ paw pads can become dry and cracked, especially in the wintertime. There are paw-pad moisturizers made specially to combat this. Talk to your vet for a recommendation, and pick such products up at your local pet store.

Nail Trims

Nail trims are an essential part of cat paw care. Nails that are allowed to get too long can fracture painfully or get snagged on things. Use a feline-specific nail trimmer, and keep a styptic powder or pen on hand in case you clip too far.

Your vet Myrtle Beach, SC can offer more helpful tips—call the office today!

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