Choosing a Dog Carrier

If you’ve recently adopted a dog, you’ll need a carrier for transport to the vet’s office or other destinations. How do you go about picking the right one? Here, your Greenwood, IN vet tells you what considerations to make.


The first consideration when buying a carrier is the size of your dog. Remember: if they’re a puppy, they’ll grow bigger. There’s a chance you’ll have to buy an entirely new crate in a few years depending on how much Fido grows. For now, purchase a crate that allows your dog to turn around comfortably without getting knocked around when the crate moves.


Check the latching mechanism on the crate’s door. If it’s flimsy or poorly constructed, your dog may be able to let themselves out. Be sure to pick a crate with a sturdy locking mechanism for maximum security.


Any good crate should have slits along the sides, door, or top to provide adequate air flow. It’s important to pick a crate with good ventilation but not one with large air vents that may allow a dog to stick their paws through.

Would you like more advice on choosing your dog’s carrier? Call your vet Greenwood, IN.

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