Choosing a Healthy Reptile Pet

Are you considering adding a reptilian pet to your family? Here, your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian tells you what to look for in order to choose a healthy pet.

Body Condition

Examine the overall body condition of the reptile you’re considering—do they look too bony or skinny? Is the skin wrinkled or dull? These symptoms could be signs of disease, infection, dehydration, and other problems. Be aware that if you take the reptile home, it may need advanced and/or expensive veterinary care.

Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

A reptile’s eyes should be clean and clear; crusts or discharge could be a sign of illness. The nose should also be clear of crust and mucus. Most reptiles’ mouths should be a healthy pink color—grey or pale colors, as well as multi-colored spots, may indicate disease.


Be sure to take a look at your potential reptile pet’s environment in the pet store or shelter. A dirty or overcrowded cage isn’t a good starting point, and may be indicative of health problems in the future.

Would you like more information on reptile health? Need help choosing the best reptile pet for your family? Contact your vet Indianapolis, IN today for help.

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