Choosing the Proper Dog Carrier

Just about any dog is going to need to be transported at one point or another, whether they’re going on a family vacation or taking a trip to the dreaded vet’s office. How do you go about purchasing the right one? Learn more below from a Livonia, MI veterinarian.


You’ll need to purchase a carrier that is appropriate for your dog’s current size, but remember that your dog will most likely get larger if he’s a puppy right now. Dogs should be able to comfortably turn around in the carrier; it may be helpful to take Fido with you when purchasing the carrier.


Any good carrier will have ventilation slits along the sides or top. These are essential so that your pup doesn’t get too warm or stuffy. Just make sure the slits aren’t too wide; there’s a chance some dogs may be able to stick a paw or tail through, which could be dangerous.


Be sure to check the carrier’s latching mechanism. Is it sturdy? You’ll want to pick a carrier with a strong latch so you don’t have to worry about any escapes.

Ask your veterinarian clinic Livonia, MI for a recommendation on a great carrier.

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