Combating Your Cat’s Hairballs

For cats, hairballs are a normal part of life—they ingest hair while grooming themselves, then regurgitate the hair that isn’t passed through the digestive tract. Sometimes, however, hairball production can become excessive. Learn how to combat this by following these tips from a Newmarket, ON vet:


Is your cat eating a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet? This is a great way to cut down on hairball production, as good diets contain plenty of fiber to help the digestive system working properly. Quality cat food will also keep the skin and fur healthy, minimizing shedding and thereby cutting down on the amount of hair your cat swallows.


Remember to groom your cat regularly. This will remove much of your cat’s loose hair, preventing her from swallowing it herself. It’s especially helpful for longhaired cats.

Professional Help

If you still can’t get your cat’s hairballs under control, set up an appointment at your vets Newmarket, ON office. A medical condition could be causing an increase in hairballs, so you’ll want a professional to examine your feline friend. Your vet can also prescribe special lubricants that smooth the hair-digestion process, and offer further tips on cutting down your cat’s hairball production.

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