Common Cat Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Many of our feline friends are rather aloof, and some are downright mysterious. It’s no wonder that several myths and misconceptions have sprung up around our cats! Don’t believe everything you hear. Below, your Chattanooga, TN veterinarian corrects some common cat myths.

Cats Always Land On Their Feet

This isn’t true. Cats are graceful, but they can fall and injure themselves just like anyone else. Veterinarians even have a term for cats falling out of windows or off of ledges and hurting themselves: high-rise syndrome. Shorter falls can prove even more dangerous, as cats don’t have time to right themselves before impact.

Cats Purr When Happy

This is a half-truth. Cats purr when happy and content, yes, but experts think that purring may also convey other emotions. Some of them aren’t positive ones—purring might even indicate fear, stress, or anger!

Cats Love Milk

This is also only partially true. Most cats might love lapping up milk if it’s presented to them, but milk won’t treat them kindly. Most adult cats are lactose-intolerant and may experience vomiting or diarrhea if they ingest too much dairy!

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