Correcting Your Cat’s Litterbox Aversion

Many of our feline friends develop a litterbox aversion at one point or another. Cats can be very picky! Below, your Omaha, NE veterinarian tells you about three of the most common reasons that cats shun their bathroom:


Who wants to use a dirty bathroom over and over? Make sure you scoop out the box on a daily basis, and change out the litter entirely about once a week. This will ensure that your cat’s bathroom stays clean and fresh at all times, and they’ll be much more likely to use it.


First of all, make sure your cat’s box is accessible at all times—don’t allow a swinging door or another obstacle to block Fluffy’s path. In addition, cats don’t like to use the restroom in a crowded, noisy area, so place the box in a quiet location where she won’t be disturbed.

Litter Preference

Try experimenting with different litter grain sizes, scented and non-scented litter, and other varieties. Cats can be picky about their litter choice, so you may have to try a few options before Fluffy finds something she likes.

Still need help getting your cat to use the bathroom? Call your Veterinarian Omaha, NE.

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