Coughing in Dogs

Just like you, your pooch will emit the occasional cough. Coughing can quickly become problematic, though. Learn more about coughing in dogs in this article from a Frisco, TX veterinary professional.

Causes of Coughing

The potential causes of coughing are numerous. Foreign bodies stuck in the throat, kennel cough, tracheal collapse, and serious medical issues like pneumonia and heart disease could all be to blame.

Types of Coughing

Dogs emit various types of coughs, and recognizing them can help pinpoint the cause. There are hacking coughs, honking coughs that sound almost like a goose, wet coughs that sound like there is a material being moved in the throat, gagging coughs… the list goes on and on. Pay close attention to your dog’s cough sound so that you can tell your veterinarian.


Treatment of a dog’s cough will depend on the underlying issue. For instance, if an infection is the root cause (kennel cough, respiratory infection, pneumonia, etc.) antibiotics will be prescribed to fight off the bacteria. Cough suppressants exist for dogs that are useful for helping to ease your pooch’s symptoms.

Are you concerned about your dog’s coughing? Call your animal hospital Frisco, TX today. We’re always here to help!

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