Dental Care for Cats

Just like other pets, your cat needs proper dental care to stay healthy. It’s very easy to overlook this part of your cat’s care routine! Learn about some quick dental care tips here from your veterinarian Roanoke, VA.

Quality Diet and Fresh Water

The first step in making sure your cat’s dental health stays in top form involves feeding her a good quality diet. This ensures that Fluffy is getting the right nutrients for strong teeth and healthy gums. Freshwater is equally important; it flushes out the mouth and removes leftover food particles and bacteria.

Toys and Dental Chews

Give your cat dental chews or fun toys. Not only will this give her hours of fun, it offers a healthy workout for the teeth and gums and even helps to scrape away loose plaque from the outer tooth surfaces.

Veterinary Cleanings

There’s just nothing like a professional dental cleaning at the vet’s office. Ask your veterinarian if your cat’s teeth and gums could use a professional cleaning, and set up your next appointment.

Want more advice about your cat’s dental care routine? Does your feline friend need a veterinary checkup? Give your vet in Roanoke, VA a call today.

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