Dental Care Tips for Your Pocket Pet

Do you own a pocket pet like a guinea pig, gerbil, mouse, hamster, or rat? Don’t forget to look after their dental health! Below, your veterinarians Marietta, GA gives you a few easy tips.

Mouth Check-Ups

Try to get a look inside your pet’s mouth every once in a while to examine the teeth (This may be easiest when your pocket pet is sleepy.) Look for anything abnormal, and let your vet know if you see something that warrants concern. Time is of the essence!

Great Diet

A big part of proper dental health is feeding your pet a quality diet. When your small friend receives the right nutrients through his food, the teeth and gums stay healthy! Ask your vet for advice on your particular pet’s exact dietary needs.

Chew Toys

Make sure your pocket pet has appropriate chew toys or chewing sticks to help him file down the teeth. For many pocket pets, this is essential for preventing the teeth from becoming too long and sharp. Consult your vet for a recommendation on great chewing items for your four-legged companion.

Does your pocket pet need veterinary attention? Don’t delay! Schedule an appointment at your vet Marietta, GA.

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