Dietary Supplements for Pets

There are all sorts of dietary supplements available for humans, but are you aware that there are many out there for pets as well? Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian tells you more.

What Supplements are Out There?

There are probably just about as many dietary supplements for pets as there are for humans. You’ll be able to find everything from vitamins, skin and fur supplements, and digestive aids to joint health pills and antioxidants. There are also probiotic supplements, designed to improve the immune system’s function, reduce allergies, prevent diarrhea, and more.

Does My Pet Need Supplements?

Generally, if a pet is being fed a well-balanced, nutritionally complete diet, they won’t need supplementation. DO NOT give your pet a dietary supplement simply because you think it might be a good idea; in certain instances, it can do more harm than good. Your best bet is to speak to your veterinarian before supplementing your pet’s diet in any way. For pets who have particular nutritional requirements or are recovering from disease, supplements may prove very helpful; otherwise, though, it’s probably not necessary.

Ask your veterinarian Livonia, MI for more information regarding dietary supplements for pets and your animal companion’s nutritional requirements.

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