Disaster Preparation for Pet Owners

It’s not fun to think about disaster scenarios, but you’ll want to be prepared nonetheless if one strikes. Keep your animal companion in mind—below, your Frisco, TX vet offers a few disaster preparation tips for the pet owner.

Emergency Pack

Consider keeping an emergency pack on hand in case you have to evacuate your home. You might include a pet first-aid kit; medication; canned food; a can opener; bottled water; food and water dishes; a leash, collar, and harness; soft towels; a pet bed; and a few heavy blankets.


In an emergency or disaster situation, it’s very easy for your pet to become frightened and run away. In these instances, your best chance at getting them back safely is with proper identification. Make sure your animal friend is wearing up-to-date ID tags, a microchip, or both.

Planning Ahead

Research ahead of time so you know what to do when a disaster forces you away from home. Find out about shelters, veterinary clinics, and pet-friendly hotels on your route out of town; call friends and relatives that live elsewhere to ask about taking you and your pet in during an emergency.

For more tips, contact your veterinarian Frisco, TX.

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