Do Cats Get Separation Anxiety, Too?

Many people have heard about the characteristics of separation anxiety in dogs. But does the same condition exist in cats? And if so, what sorts of symptoms should I check with my Gresham, OR vet clinic about?

For starters, many cats do indeed suffer from separation anxiety. You can see this in large part when cats eliminate outside of the litter box. Look for this if you have a cat that spends a good bit of time alone. Check with your Gresham, OR vet clinic for more.

Many people misconstrue things like defecating in a closet or eliminating on furniture to be a sign of aggression. But in reality, it can often times be attributed to the cat wishing to mix her own scent with yours. If you notice these signs, be proactive and contact your Gresham, OR vet clinic immediately.

We all love our pets and want what is best for them. Keeping a constant dialog and a positive relationship with your vet Gresham, OR will work wonders in the lifetime health of your pet.

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