Do My Cat’s Hairballs Harm Her?

Hairballs aren’t pretty looking, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience for your cat to cough one up. The question is, do hairballs harm your cat in any way? Learn all about your cat’s hairball production in this article from a Las Vegas, NV vet.

Why Do Hairballs Happen?

When your cat licks herself for grooming, the tongue picks up a lot of loose hair. That hair gets swallowed, and most of it moves through the digestive tract and is expelled in the fecal matter. What hair remains clumps together into a hairball. That gets regurgitated eventually along with a little stomach fluid.

Are Hairballs Safe?

Yes, the occasional hairball is perfectly normal and safe. It’s when hairballs become frequent that it’s cause for concern. Your cat may be shedding more than normal. Also, it’s an emergency if your cat is gagging and retching without producing an actual hairball—she could be choking.

How Can I Help My Cat Experience Fewer Hairballs?

Brush your cat regularly to trap loose fur in the brush. Feed her a great diet to minimize shedding at the outset. You’ll notice a difference!

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