Dog Walking Etiquette Tips

Walking your dog is as easy as clipping on a leash and heading out the door, right? Actually, there are a few etiquette tips to be mindful of. Learn more below from your Biloxi, MS veterinarian.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Always bring along a plastic bag or two on your walks, because it’s essential that you pick up after your dog when he uses the bathroom. Not only is it rude to leave your dog’s waste lying in someone else’s yard or a public area, it may contribute to disease. Dog feces can carry various bacteria that may be spread to other pets or young children.

Mind the Rules

Remember that some areas, like public parks or conservation lands, require dogs to stay on-leash at all times. Certain areas or neighborhoods may not allow dogs at all! Always mind the rules when walking your pooch.

Respect Others’ Space

Remember: not everyone is as much of a dog-lover as you are. Respect others’ space; ask them before allowing your dog to run up and give a big slobbery kiss. This is especially important around children, who may be frightened of dogs.

Contact your veterinarians Biloxi, MS for more dog-walking tips.

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