Dog Walking Tips

What dog doesn’t love the occasional walk? The next time you head out with your canine companion, remember these dog-walking tips from your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian.

Use a Leash

It’s always good protocol to use a dog leash, even if your dog is exceedingly well trained. You never know when your dog may get startled and bolt off. Plus, some public areas have ordinances against walking dogs off-leash. Contact your local municipal office for information on such laws in your area.

Pick Up After Dog

Always be sure to bring along a few plastic baggies to pick up your dog’s waste. Not only is it incredibly rude to leave your dog’s droppings in a public place, it’s illegal in many areas! In addition, dog feces can carry diseases and parasites that can afflict other pets and children who spend time in these public spaces.

Be Aware of Others’ Space

Keep in mind that not everyone is as much of a dog lover as you are. Some people are frightened of dogs or would simply rather not interact with them, so don’t allow your dog to run up to just anyone.

Contact your Animal hospital Jacksonville, FL for more dog walking tips.

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