Don’t Believe Shelter-Pet Misconceptions

Thanks to the nature of the work they do, shelters—as well as the animals found inside of them—can sometimes be misunderstood. Here, your vet in Georgetown, IN sets the record straight on three shelter-pet misconceptions.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Think that pets wouldn’t wind up in a shelter at all if they behaved properly? Think again. Poor behavior is not a common reason that pets are relinquished to rescues; issues like abandonment and uncontrolled breeding are much more often the cause. Most pets in shelters are perfectly well-behaved and receive training from the shelter staff!

Shelter Pets Are Old

Some people think that all shelter pets are old, unwanted animals abandoned by their owners. This isn’t true in the least. All ages of pets can be found in rescue facilities; if you’re looking for a specific age of pet, visit your local shelters first.

Shelters Only Have Mutts

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that shelter pets only have mixed-breed dogs and cats. Shelters may also have purebred animals, so visit your local shelters before heading to the pet store or a breeder.

Do you have questions about the adoption process? Contact your vet clinic Georgetown, IN.

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