Don’t Mix Dairy and Your Cat

It’s easy to picture a cat happily lapping up milk. The truth is, though, that cats and dairy don’t mix! Here, your veterinarian Temecula, CA tells you more about cats, milk, and dairy.

Why Can’t Cats Have Milk?  

It turns out that most adult cats are lactose-intolerant, just like many humans are. This means that cats don’t possess enough lactase in the gut to digest lactose, the primary enzyme found in milk. While a small bit of milk probably won’t cause harm, too much is likely to cause your cat an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Don’t Kittens Require Milk?

Yes, kittens need the mother’s milk—or a synthetic substitute—during the early stages of life in order to receive the proper nutrition for growth and development. However, cats tend to become more and more lactose-intolerant as they age!

Is Any Diary Okay to Feed Fluffy?

Cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products don’t have as much lactose as milk, so they might not harm your cat as easily. Still, they’re not nutritionally necessary in the least. It’s best to avoid dairy altogether!

To learn more about your cat’s dietary needs, call your animal hospital Temecula, CA. We’re here for you!

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