Dry Skin and Your Pet

Dry skin can affect animal companions just as it can affect humans. As a result, your fluffy family member may be feeling itchy and uncomfortable. If Fido’s been scratching more than usual lately or you notice signs of dry, flaky skin, here are a few tips from an established animal hospital Geist, IN to help provide some much-needed relief.

Groom Regularly

When you bring your four-legged friend in for regular, professional grooming, you can help keep dry skin in check. It’ll also keep that little guy or gal looking, smelling and feeling fresh.

Feed a Healthy Diet

Many dietary products available today are specifically formulated to promote healthier skin in companion animals. Discuss with your vet whether a change in diet should be considered.

Professional Skin Care

If your vet offers pet dermatology as part of their list of services, it may be wise to schedule an appointment for a professional skin evaluation.

It’s important to point out that chronic dry skin can be a sign that your loved one needs medical attention. If you’re concerned about your pet’s exterior health, it’s best to consult with your animal hospital Geist, IN. That way you’ll both feel better about the outcome.

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