Elizabethan Collars and Cats

Elizabethan collars are used to help a pet heal when they’re recovering from a surgical incision, wound, or infection. They can be used on dogs and cats alike, and are designed to prevent your pet from inflicting self-harm when recovering. Below, learn more from your veterinarian Rochester, NY.

What Are Elizabethan Collars?

Elizabethan collars (sometimes called E-Collars) are named for the ruffs worn by wealthy Englanders in the Elizabethan period. They fasten around your pet’s neck with a Velcro tab, adjustable bands, or a piece of string.

What About Sizing?

Your cat must be given the proper size of E-collar to make sure it’s safe. The end of the cone should sit near your pet’s nose to allow them to eat and drink normally, and the collar should be snug without being too loose or too tight.

How Do I Care for My Cat While She’s Wearing an E-Collar?

You might have to take your cat’s collar off while she’s eating or drinking, and then re-attach it once she’s done. Also, make sure to keep a close eye on Fluffy to make sure she doesn’t get stuck anywhere!

Learn more about Elizabethan collars by contacting your vet clinic Rochester, NY.

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