Enriching Your Cat’s Home Life

Do you own a cat? Make sure they’re happy at home—if your feline friend becomes bored or anxious, they might start acting out inappropriately. Use these tips from a vet Aurora, CO to make sure your cat’s home life is properly enriched:


There’s nothing like good old-fashioned cat toys. Even a piece of string will do when it comes to entertaining your feline friend! Laser light toys are also very popular. Be sure to rotate your cat’s toy selection in and out over time so that she doesn’t get bored.

Scratching Posts

Cats are natural scratchers—allow them to exercise their instincts on multiple scratching posts set up around your home. Not only does this allow your cat to get out her frustrations, it saves your carpets and furniture from being shredded to bits!

Beds, Beds, Beds

If your cat is like most, she’s an avid fan of sleeping. Make sure that Fluffy has a multitude of beds set up around the house so that she can nap to her heart’s content. Many cats enjoy beds set up on windowsills or other high perches.

For more tips on cat care and behavior, call your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO.

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