Enriching Your Cat’s Life

Like any pet, cats need regular stimulation to stay engaged and well-behaved. If you think your cat is getting a little bored, try these suggestions from your Marietta, GA vet to enrich your cat’s life:


Of course, every cat needs several good toys. They keep cats from getting bored and allow your feline friend to take out her frustrations and clawing instincts without ruining your furniture, shoes, or purse. Try rotating your cat’s toy selection so she doesn’t get tired of the same old things.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are great for allowing cats to entertain themselves. These structures are widely available at retail outlets, pet supply stores, and vets’ offices. Many have multiple platforms, built-in scratching posts, and toys, and will keep cats happy for hours. Ask your vet for a recommendation.


Think dogs are the only pets who can be trained? Think again! Cats, too, can learn basic commands and even tricks, and it serves as great mental stimulation and pet-owner bonding time. Ask your veterinarian how to get your cat started with a training regimen.

Does your cat need professional and compassionate veterinary care? Set up an appointment at your veterinarians Marietta, GA office today.

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