Essential Supplies for a New Kitten

Are you about to add a new kitten to your ranks? Congratulations! Owning a kitten is very rewarding, but you’ll need to have the essentials in place before kitty comes home. Here is a quick list from your Rochester, NY vet:

Litter Box

Choose a litter box that your kitten will have plenty of room to do her business in, and place it in a quiet, out-of-the-way location in the house where she won’t be disturbed. When kitty first comes home, show her to the box and rub her paws gently in the litter to let her know it’s there.

Food and Water Bowls

Select solid food and water bowls that can’t easily be tipped over by a rambunctious kitten. Stainless steel usually works best, because it’s easy to clean and won’t hold bacteria the way plastic dishes might.

Scratching Post

It’s best to get your kitten started using a scratching post early on, so she grows up with it as a normal part of life. Try sprinkling a bit of catnip on the post to entice your kitten into using it.

Does your kitten need her first veterinary exam? We’re here for you. Call your vet Rochester, NY.

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