Fooling Your Dog Into Swallowing His Pill

Giving your dog a pill isn’t as easy as it seems on first blush. Many dogs will be quite reluctant to swallow medicine! If you’re having trouble, try these tricks from your Livonia, MI veterinarian:

Hide the Pill

Unless your dog is extremely picky, he’ll probably gobble up the first tasty morsel that’s presented to him. Try wrapping up your dog’s pill in a roll of deli meat or stuffing it into the center of a soft dog treat. With luck, your dog will swallow the pill before he even knows that it’s there!

Crush the Pill

Ask your veterinarian if you can crush or grind your dog’s pill, allowing you to sprinkle the powder over your dog’s normal food. This isn’t always safe—crushing could render a pill ineffective or introduce too much medication at once—but it can be effective when possible.

Toss the Pill

Does your pooch enjoy catching treats in mid-air? Toss your dog a few tasty treats, then the pill, then another treat in quick succession. If you’re lucky, Fido won’t notice the difference!

Do you still need help administering your dog’s pill? Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at your vets Livonia, MI.

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