Fun Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Is your cat looking bored? A cat who isn’t entertained isn’t exercising their mind or body—it’s important that your cat remains stimulated! Here are three quick tips from a vet Rochester, NY for keeping your cat entertained.


The best way to keep your cat entertained on a daily basis is with toys. Cats tend to love toys that mimic prey, like fake mice or birds. Laser light toys are also effective, as your cat will probably love chasing around that pesky light they just can seem to catch.


Try providing your cat with great furniture choices, like cat towers or jungle gym structures. These items offer multiple tiers for cats to jump to and from, and many come with built-in toys and scratching posts. They’re perfect for allowing your cat to entertain herself, even when you’re not home.


Another great way to stimulate your cat is with her favorite herb: catnip. Cats may run around excitedly or simply stretch out in a state of bliss; either way, it’s perfect for entertaining your feline friend!

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