Gardening Safety Tips for Pet Parents

Many of us love gardening with our animal companions. It’s important to keep our pets’ safety in mind when gardening season comes around, though! Here, your Greenwood, IN veterinarian tells you about a few common gardening dangers to be aware of.

Pesticides and Fertilizer

Do you spray pesticides on your garden to keep the bugs off, or fertilizer on your lawn to help it grow? Remember that these products can prove poisonous to animals. Keep your pet indoors when spraying chemicals, and don’t let them munch on recently treated grass or plants.

Tool Tips

Don’t leave sharp gardening tools—rakes, clippers, hedge trimmers, shovels, hoes, etc.—lying around in the grass; put them back in the shed or garage where they belong. Pets and human family members alike may cut themselves if they don’t see these tools.

Poisonous Plants and Flowers

Plenty of plants and flowers aren’t good for pets, including dieffenbachia, elephant ear, lilies, tulips, daffodils, poinsettias, ivy, oleander, the sago palm, various aloe plants, and many more. Remove any poisonous plant life from your garden or landscaping right away.

Want more advice on keeping your pet safe during gardening season? Give your veterinarian Greenwood, IN a call.

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