Getting Your Cat to Exercise

Every cat needs their exercise. Use these suggestions from a Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian to get your cat moving:

Cat Towers

Cat towers are widely available in pet supply stores, retail outlets, and veterinarians’ offices. Cats love their multi-tiered structure, which allows them to gain a high vantage point. Many even come with built-in toys and scratching posts. Your cat will get a great workout playing around on their very own feline gym.

Laser Lights

Most cats adore chasing after the pesky red light that they just can’t seem to catch. What they don’t realize is that they’re working up a sweat while doing so! Give your cat a solid several-minute workout by shining the laser light around on the walls and floors of your home.


Dogs aren’t the only domesticated pets who can be walked. Using a specialized harness and leash, cats, too, can go for walks through the neighborhood! Ask your veterinarian how to get started, as it will take a bit of training to get your cat used to the harness.

If you would like further exercise suggestions for your cat, or require information on your cat’s health or care, contact your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian.

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