Giving Your Pet a Pill

It stands to reason that at one point or another in your pet’s life, they’ll need to take medication in pill form. Here, your Aurora, CO veterinarian tells you about the easiest ways to accomplish this.

Hide in Food

Try hiding your pet’s pill in a glob of canned food or inside a soft pet treat. Unless your pet is extremely picky, he or she should gobble up the morsel without ever realizing there was medication inside.

Grind Pill Up

Some pills can be ground up, after which the powder can be sprinkled over or stirred into food. This can be effective, but always check with your veterinarian before grinding up a pill. Some pills may be rendered ineffective when ground up; ground medications could also introduce a dangerous overdose of medication to your pet’s system.

Toss with Treats

Does your pet like to catch treats in mid-air? Use this to your advantage. Toss a few pet treats in quick succession, then toss your pet’s pill, then toss another treat. With any luck, your pet won’t realize that one of those “treats” was actually a pill!

If you need help administering your pet’s medication, contact your vet Aurora, CO office.

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