Hairballs in Cats

Have you ever seen your feline friend cough up a hairball? It doesn’t look pleasant, and it’s definitely not pleasant for you to clean up. Are hairballs safe for cats, though? Learn more here from a veterinarian Bowmanville, ON.

Why Do Hairballs Form?

Your cat’s tongue picks up loose hair from the coat when she grooms herself, which is swallowed. Most of that hair moves through the digestive tract and is expelled in the feces, but some remains in the gut. That hair eventually clumps together in a hairball and gets regurgitated.

Are Hairballs Harmful?

No, the occasional hairball is a normal part of life for your cat and shouldn’t cause any harm whatsoever. However, if your cat’s hairball production has increased dramatically, it’s time to see the vet. Additionally, if your cat is retching and gagging but a hairball isn’t coming out, rush them to the emergency room—your cat could be choking!

Can I Help My Cat Experience Fewer Hairballs?

Yes. Brush your cat regularly to trap loose fur in the brush, reducing the amount Fluffy swallows. Feed your cat a high-quality diet to minimize shedding at the outset.

Contact your animal hospital Bowmanville, ON to learn more.

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