Healthcare Tips for Senior Dogs

Is your dog getting up there in the age department? Our senior dogs need loving attention now more than ever! Use these three quick tips from your Plano, TX veterinarian to make sure your aging companion stays healthy.

Proper Diet

The nutritional needs of an older dog are much different than those of a puppy. Feed your dog a specially formulated, high-quality senior diet—it’s one of the easiest ways to make sure Fido stays healthy throughout his golden years! Ask your veterinary professional for a recommendation.

Light Exercise

Continue exercising your dog regularly with light walks through the neighborhood and fun play sessions. It’s important that your dog keep the joints and muscles limber and burn off excess calories to avoid dangerous obesity. Be sure to provide your pet with plenty of fun toys as well.

Veterinary Visits

Health trouble can take hold of your pet and wreak havoc quickly. It’s best to schedule regular veterinary appointments so that your veterinarian can catch any health concerns early on, treating them accordingly before they’re allowed to progress.

Does your senior canine companion need a veterinary check-up? We’re always here to help! Schedule an appointment today with your vet Plano, TX.

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