Heartworm in Your Dog

You’ve probably heard of heartworm—it’s one of the most dangerous health problems out there that can affect our canine companions. It’s essential that you prevent your dog from contracting these worms! Learn more here as a vet London, ON tells you all about heartworm infestation.

Why Prevention is Important

Treating a heartworm infestation after the fact is risky; it comes with side effects and is not guaranteed to work. Some dogs don’t survive infestation if it isn’t caught early enough! That’s why preventing heartworm in the first place is a much better idea. It’s safe, worry-free, and cost-effective.

The Medication

Heartworm medication comes in several forms. It might be a topical gel, which gets applied to your dog’s skin on a monthly basis; other heartworm medications come in chewable tablet or pill form. There is even an injectable heartworm preventative that gets administered at the vet’s office!

Getting Started

Is your pooch in need of heartworm preventatives to stay safe? Wondering what kind of heartworm preventative is best for your dog? We’re here for you. Set up your dog’s next office appointment here at your veterinary clinic London, ON to get started with a lifetime of proper heartworm prevention.

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