Helping Your Cat Shed Excess Weight

Many of our feline friends are carrying too much weight—studies estimate that about half of all domesticated cats are overweight! Help your cat shed a few pounds with these tips from a Colorado Springs, CO vet:

Portion Control

Many times, portion control is all that’s need to curb your cat’s weight gain. Consult your pet-food packaging, or check with your veterinarian, to find out about a proper portion size for your particular cat. Don’t free-feed, or leave food out at all times.

Diet Change

Are you giving your cat a cheap diet with a lot of “filler” material? You’re not helping her lose weight! Feed Fluffy a premium food that is nutritionally balanced and healthy. Ask your vet to recommend a great diet choice for your feline friend.


There’s just no substitute for good old-fashioned exercise when it comes to losing weight. Get your cat moving daily with toys, a laser pointer, or cat tower structures. Regular playtime is essential for your cat’s weight loss, as well as her mental stimulation!

Do you need help controlling your cat’s weight? We’re here for you! Make an appointment to have your cat see his or her Veterinarians Colorado Springs, CO.

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