Helping Your Cat to Lose Weight

Many of our household pets are overweight these days—some studies estimate that nearly half of domesticated cats are obese. If your cat falls into that category, use your Arlington, TX vet’s tips to slim your feline friend down.


Of course, diet is a big part of losing weight. Talk to your veterinary professional about putting your cat on a diet, complete with portion control, scheduled mealtimes, and a high-quality feline food that is appropriate for your cat’s age, breed, and overall health.


Along with diet, exercise is the key to helping your cat shed some pounds. Play with her every day, using toys or a laser light to get her moving. Keep activity up for several minutes at a time to burn calories, and do this several times per day.

Use Treats Wisely

Do you give your kitty treats without having any real reason? You’re only adding empty calories to her diet. Be sure to use treats only as a reward for good behavior, a tool for training, or as the very occasional indulgence.

Would you like more advice on helping your cat to lose weight? Call your vet clinic Arlington, TX office for feline weight loss help.

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